It takes a crowd of us to do what Tony Elischer did

By its nature, a crowdblog is a collective of ideas, case studies, best practices, and informed debate.

But at its best, a crowdblog is an incubator of ideas, predications, innovation, and a rowdy good time with a purpose. Tony Elischer was all of these.

A one-man crowdsource, many will recall his round-ups of the best and the questionable in communications, fundraising campaigns, and digital marketing he delivered through plenaries, blogs, webinars, and stage productions of Wagnerian length and drama. Some will appreciate the speaker or career coaching from him, whether formal or informal. And the luckiest yet are those who probably have never heard of Tony Elischer: the millions of supporters who, through his work and wisdom and creativity, he helped to engage with the charities that give them a reason for inspiration and hope for change.

101fundraising joins the international community in grieving the death of Tony Elischer. We thank you, Tony, for your early support of the 101 concept, for being our first webinar guest, and for choosing 101 to be the stage for regularly blogging your latest rants, research, and realisations.

We invite the 101 community to please share below your favourite Tony memories, quips, and good (or questionable!) advice, and join us in a gin and tonic in his appreciation.

We will miss you, Tony Elischer.

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