• 23 Lessons

    Facebook Ads Training for Nonprofits

    In this Facebook Ads training course, designed specifically for charities and nonprofits, we’ll walk through how to plan and build a Facebook ads campaign from beginning to end, so you get the confidence to run effective campaigns.

  • 19 Lessons

    Google Ads Training for Nonprofits

    Our Google Ads training focusses on applying strategies and techniques specific to charities and nonprofits, so is tailored for the specific needs of organisations looking to drive donations, reach new supporters and increase their impact.

  • 24 Lessons

    Google Analytics Training for Nonprofits

    If you want to get the most out of Google Analytics for your charity or nonprofit, learn how to measure and analyse your online data, or to customise the setup to fit your organisation, this practical Google Analytics training course is for you.

  • 6 Lessons

    Intro to Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

    This intro to digital marketing course is aimed at charities and nonprofits who are looking to understand different digital marketing methods, to enable teams to understand potential methods of marketing to maximise the impact of the project and reach more potential beneficiaries.

  • 0 Lessons

    Social Media Training for Nonprofits

    The course covers how you can build and strengthen your client’s relationships and reach their audiences through online communities. You will leave ready to explore social media in a strategic fashion, confident of how to apply your skills to your client’s campaigns.

  • 0 Lessons

    Social Media Video Training Nonprofits

    This social video training covers best-practice for creating social videos that gain engaged views, including social video planning, design and distribution.