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How will your freelance business work?

How will your freelance business work?
Hello again!
I hope you’re enjoying the course so far?
Today we’re getting practical. This lesson is all about spending time considering your work environment and how you’re actually going to deliver those fantastic services you outlined in the previous section.
Try to take a moment out of your busy life and look at how your setup to work.

If you’re at your desk, look around at your immediate surroundings.

Take notes of things that are near to you.

  • What do you have around you?
  • What do you value about a particular tool or part of your workspace?
  • Is there anything cluttering up your workspace?

Is there anything that would make your daily work easier?

You might look at your laptop and think it’s getting a little old and slow.

You will likely spend most of your freelance career working on your laptop, so why not make sure it’s fast and lets you deliver your work at speed?

When I upgraded my laptop, it was amazingly refreshing not having to wait for my laptop to stop me in my tracks while I waited a file or website to load!

Do you also need a new phone to help you work better while on the move?

Do you have all the products and services you need to run your freelance business effectively?

  • Have you got accounting software?
  • Document storage like Google Drive or Dropbox?
  • A place to track new business leads using a CRM like Hubspot?
  • Are you using a task management tool like Asana or Trello?

What is missing?

What will make your work easier?

What will help you deliver more value to your clients?

Make a list of what you use now and what you might need to get.

I hope you’ll be surprised that just by spending a little while thinking about where and how you work and with what tools, how much room there is for improvement.
Even small changes in how you work will improve your productivity as a freelancer,  and those changes will compound incrementally and make sure you’re running your freelance business at your very best.
Got your answers?


If you’ve found a useful tool, product or resource for your freelance business and you’re happy with it, post it to the FreeTrain Community.
It’s a great way for you to connect with other people in the FreeTrain community.
We talk lots about tools and resources how important they are for building your business, as well as trying out the different products out there designed specifically for freelancers.
That’s why we’ve collated everything we’ve found into one central place into the FreeTrain Resources Shop.
If there are any resources that you’d like to see on the library but currently aren’t on offer, let us know in the FreeTrain Community and we’ll make it happen.

That’s all for today – on to the next lesson!