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What are your freelance services?

What are your freelance services?

Hello again!

I hope that you have enjoyed thinking about your freelance career and why you want to go freelance in the first place.

Now I’d like you to define the services for your freelance business, so that you can start to produce the right kind of content to sell your skills and knowledge to your clients.

Defining what you do in a compelling way can often seem like a daunting task, so I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the ways that I have defined my services and keep my offering exciting and attractive for clients.

Looking for inspiration

Defining what services you offer in a way that stands out from the competition isn’t easy.

I spent time thinking about my skills and experiences and planning new services.

And even now, 8 years later, I always strive to improve my offerings and look for new ways of describing my services that is attractive to clients.

I look for inspiration from other freelancers to help with this by searching online for the kind of service I will offer and see how others present themselves.

  • What services are they offering?
  • How do they describe the benefits of that service?
  • Do they explain the deliverables a client could expect from that service?
  • What else makes their offering jump out to you?

You’re no doubt the same as me – consciously and subconsciously absorbing stuff all the time.

When planning the services you deliver, collate all of my favourite examples  from other freelancers, combine them together into a single proposition, and try to come up with a description that represents my version of the world around me.

Let’s focus on doing just that for today’s task.

Task 2: Define your freelance services

For this task, I want you to think about your freelance services.

Focus by describing your services to attract the people who you really want to inspire into working with you.

Keep the way you describe your services focussed on the benefits that clients will get from your work.

Make it about them, your clients, not about you.

But more, I want you to think about what it is about what you do that excites you.

Bringing this energy and enthusiasm through will help you stand out from another freelancer who simply lists what they can do

The work you do doesn’t exist in a vacuum – we all have our muses.

Finished the description of your freelance services? Post it to the FreeTrain community here and get feedback on your offering!

How could you build on the work of your  freelance peers to do something similar, yet completely your own?

  • Find 5 freelancers that do similar work to you
  • Look at their website and note what services they are offering, how they describe the work and the benefits to clients
  • Start a document that collates everything you find for the services you plan to offer
  • Add your own voice and style illustrate the story you want to tell on your own website. It may be very similar to other people. Don’t worry! You can work on making the copy stand out in your own way
  • What is it about the examples that you’ve gathered that is missing? What can’t you find because your own unique offer and take on work is somehow missing?

It might seem simple doing this, but I’ve found it such a useful exercise to repeatedly come back to to ensure that my offering to clients is as good as other freelancers (and usually better).

Good luck on this task. I hope you can find a moment to step away from the busyness of life and think about this.

Have fun, explore, think and I’ll see you again for the next lesson!