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Where do you get financial advice for your freelance business?

If can be confusing to work out what sort of freelancer you are and what that means for your freelance finances, particularly if the people who are giving you work are also not sure.

You are not on your own, as you can ask advice from the following sources:

  • Your union, of course
  • The tax office media and entertainment departments
  • An accountant who regularly works with freelances
  • Sites such as the FreeTrain Community

Asking the tax people

Don’t be afraid to use the HMRC helplines. They are there to help you and they don’t expect you to know everything.

For general enquiries about self-employment callĀ 0300 200 3504.

HMRC also have two offices which specialise in giving advice to freelancers industries. These are the departments that deal with issues relating to freelancers in particular.

For enquiries about freelance issues, callĀ 0300 123 2326

Unofficial sources of help – a word of warning

Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues and friends if you get stuck. They may well have exactly the information you are looking for.

But beware of out of dated information or hearsay. The regulations affecting freelancing do change over time.