Podcast: Fundraising as a route to peace building

Neichute Doulo, CEO of Entrepreneurs Associates, was named India’s 2016 Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. The Naga movement, one of the oldest unresolved armed conflicts in the world, has hampered economic development in the north-eastern region of India. As one of the main architects of EA, an organisation dedicated to youth empowerment through promotion of entrepreneurship for the last 16 years, Neichute has been instrumental in shaping the way Nagas view entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, EA has successfully launched the first generations of Naga and Manipuri entrepreneurs, built up vibrant local markets, catalysed local production, generated local jobs, activated financial institutions, and steered government will to demonstrate that entrepreneurship can be the route to peace building.

Neichute was the opening keynote speaker at the International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation, delivered by The Resource Alliance India in January. Here, we speak with Neichute about building peace through fundraising.

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