Simply the best: Top 10 blog posts (Q3 2012)

Your Top 10 is here again! Giving you the best blog posts that were published in the past quarter.

Read them all! And share them with your fellow fundraisers!

Congratulations to Ken for the #1 position in Q3!

(1) Where are we going in 2012? A possible and promising new direction for fundraisers. – Ken Burnett
(2) 7 Ways to improve your foundation fundraising skills – Vera Peerdeman
(3) Connecting with your most senior and loyal donors – Kimberley Mackenzie
(4) Lack of trust: the key barrier to donating – Julie Verhaar
(5) It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark – Reinier Spruit
(6) Why Tell a ‘Story’ When You Can Tell The Truth? – Charlie Hulme
(7) Why I Love (And Feel Uncomfortable About Loving) Legacy Fundraising – Margaux Smith
(8) A perfect pitch? – Alison McCants
(9) What’s All This Noise About Not Giving “Thank You” Gifts – Mitch Hinz
(10) A checklist for your acquisition program – Sarah Clifton

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  • Source: Google Analytics 15 June – 28 September 2012.
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