We bid you farewell. Mic drop.

Dear readers. This is the last blog post from the original 101 team. As per 1 January 2017 The Resource Alliance will take over ownership and management of our beloved 101 community.

It has been the most wonderful journey anyone can imagine. Since the launch 6 years ago we’ve read so many terrific blog posts. There are too many to mention here. We’ve also met so many new fundraising friends, who we’ll treasure for the rest of our careers and probably beyond!

We would like to thank a few people: our readers, our bloggers, our donors and our team.

Reinier & Jeroen say: “THANK YOU!”

First, our readers. You have embraced 101 as it was one of your own. And by now 101 is yours! Your quest for the best fundraising insights directed you towards us, and you’ve kept coming back. Our community is hungry for knowledge. Visiting more than 1.3 million pages. And our community is huge. We now are 20k followers strong on Twitter! We’ve received so many messages from our readers on how valuable they find 101, and that feels incredibly rewarding. Readers, we thank you for your commitment, we think you’re awesome and we wish you all the best in your fundraising endeavours and challenges. Thank you!

Next, our bloggers. We can’t name everyone. There are simply too many! (Our most regular bloggers are listed below.) We are deeply grateful for all your contributions. A true crowdblog can only be successful with the help of many bloggers. And we were lucky enough that over the course of 6 years we had more than 130! Bloggers, we thank you for all you’ve written in the past, and everything you will share with us in the future. Content is King and you are Royalty… Thank you!

A special thank you to our fellow fundraising blogs – The Agitator, SOFIIClairification, Future Fundraising Now, UK Fundraising, Fundraising Detective, Osocio and Pamela Grow – for sharing our 101 insights further into the global fundraising community!

Third, our donors. After 5 years of personal financial investment, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign this year to cover the ongoing costs. And the response was overwhelming. We’ve read many posts about it: we should thank our donors more often. So here we go one more time: thank you dear friends, you are the best! Because of you we can deliver a state of the art platform. Thank you!

And last, our team. You’d never enjoyed 101 without the perseverance and sacrifice from our volunteer team. Publishing more than 600 posts and market them to an international non-profit audience takes time. Lots of time. And our team has spent countless hours to serve you the best of the best. Thank you Sarah, Marjolein, Victor, Elsbeth and Rebecca! You rock into eternity. Fundraisers & Friends for life. Thank you!

When we started this adventure 6 years ago we never would have thought 101 would become such a bright star in the international fundraising sector. We’re grateful for the experience and the new friends we made. Now it’s time to pass on 101 to a new source of energy: to the brilliance and expertise of The Resource Alliance. We are 101% confident that The Resource Alliance will continue in the spirit of the 101 community: sharing the best fundraising knowledge around the planet. We wish them all the views, likes and shares of the world. (The concept remains the same, so keep submitting those blogs!)

On behalf of the entire 101 team we bid you farewell.

Until we meet again in the blogosphere, or in real life.

Reinier & Jeroen

(*) Thank you Lucy Gower, Charlie Hulme, Rebecca Davies, Tony Elischer (R.I.P.), Ken Burnett, Karen Osborne, Matthew Sherrington, Margaux Smith, Rachel Beer, Sarah Clifton, Vera Peerdeman, Giles Pegram, Derek Humphries, Alison McCants, Francesco Ambrogetti, Richard Radcliffe, Rory Green, Jonathon Grapsas, Patrice Simonnet, Richard Turner, Mitchell Hinz, Jack Ryan, Gerbren Deves, Alan Clayton, Erik van Dorp, Sean Triner, Julie Verhaar, Graeme Russel, Joe Matassino, Rob Woods, Damian Chapman, Beate Sørum, Kimberley Mackenzie, Rachel Hunnybun, Simon Scriver (happy birthday!), Maeve Strathy, Adam Weinger, Usha Menon, Mike Johnston, Ellen Janssens, Lars Arnoldussen, Daryl Upsall, Paul de Gregorio, Anita Lee – de Ruijter, Paul Delbar, Brock Warner, Juan Hendrawan, Jackie Fowler, Chris Carnie, Bernard Ross, Adrian Sargeant and many, many many many many more!!

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