Empower are making our training programme available online in a series of on-demand courses that charity marketing professionals can take in their own time and at home while we are physically distancing and not able to hold training sessions in the workplace.

Why launch online digital marketing training for charities and nonprofits?

Since we founded the company 6 years ago, Empower has been delivering digital marketing training for a range of charities and nonprofits. Through our existing clients, non-profit networks like Superhighways and NTEN, and through our partner agencies, we’ve run sessions covering everything from Facebook Ads to Google Ads, Email Marketing to Google Analytics.

Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis and lockdown here in the UK, we’ve had to halt our planned training sessions. But our clients still have a need to train their staff and continue to develop their digital expertise.

How much does each course cost?

We’re working on a free introductory course that covers the basics of different areas of digital marketing. We’ll also have more in-depth courses that are more advanced and contain more specialised training, along with resources, guides and templates for you to adapt for your own work. These will have a cost to them, which we are still working out, but will be affordable for charities and nonprofits when compared to commercial training for the private sector.

Is the training any good?

Empower have run digital marketing training for charities and nonprofits including: UNICEF, The Wildlife Trusts, SafeLives, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), CharityComms, Full Fact and Comic Relief. Many of our charity clients come back for further training, which is sign of a high quality level of training.

We run Net Promote Scores (NPS) with participants in the courses, which rates the training on how likely a participants would recommend it to a friend or colleague. Our training courses frequently achieve scores of  9 and 10, which means that participants would be highly likely to recommend Empower’s training to a colleague or friend.

How do I access the training?

You can access all of our digital marketing courses through our our training portal at training.empower.agency

There you can discover the courses available and get a flavour for our training methods, which emphasise a guided approach rather than making you sit through hours of powerpoint presentations.

Take a look at our intro video for an example:

We already have experience with delivering online training, as we’ve run sessions for nonprofits with distributed offices and networks, including  the likes of UNICEF and The Wildlife Trusts, and Comic Relief, with over 30 people participating in each session.

Empower’s digital marketing training goals

With empower’s digital marketing training for charities and nonprofits, we’re aiming to:

  1. replicate the classroom experience through online training
  2. ensure a practical approach is taken so you don’t get lost in theory, but get hands on with the day-to-day realities of each of the tools
  3. explain each technical term and reduce the use of jargon to help you understand how each area of digital marketing can best help your organisation

Why choose empower?

We’re also aware that there are loads of existing digital marketing courses out there, so why should you partner with empower for your digital marketing training needs?

Put simply, our courses are designed specifically for charities and nonprofits, s, so you actually get the insights you need. We understand the common opportunities and challenges that charities and nonprofits have, which we feel most generic training fails to account for.

And this approach has been working for us with our in-person training sessions. Here’s just a few testimonials we’ve received from our last training session before we went into lockdown:

“Would definitely recommend, great value for money and a super effective session on the basics. Big thanks to the trainer for his clear explanations.”

“Excellent training session, very informative. Trainer is very knowledgeable and answered all of the questions I had. Would recommend!”

“The training was delivered really well and the trainer covered lots of content on quite a complex topic. I was impressed.”

When can you start?

As we already have a lot of the materials ready through our face-to-face training, we’re moving quickly to record these sessions to make them available online. We’re putting the finishing touches to the first course and expect that to be ready in May 2020.

The first courses will be:

While we’re busy finalising  the online content, you can leave your contact details on any of the courses listed and we’ll email you as soon as the courses are available.

You can also leave your email here and we’ll be in touch once our first courses launch:

And if you have any questions about our training or are interested in finding out how our training can help your organisation, email me at ben@empower.agency and I’ll get back to you asap – I’ll be checking my email in between recording the training sessions!