The Resource Alliance takes over 101fundraising!

International Fundraising Congress, The Netherlands – The Resource Alliance is pleased to announce that as of 1 January 2017, it will take over respected fundraising blog 101fundraising (

The blog, which was created by Dutch fundraising advisor Reinier Spruit and online marketer Jeroen Beelen in 2011, will become part of the Resource Alliance’s new digital platform, The Resource Café.

We’ve been running 101 with great passion and enthusiasm for almost six years,” Spruit explains. “In that time we’ve had more than 100 international bloggers delivering fantastic global fundraising insights in almost 600 high-quality blog posts. We’ve been able to build a sharing and debating community of fundraisers that did not exist yet in the fundraising sector.

However, we’ve reached a point where we believe that 101 needs a new source of energy to manage our platform if we want it to survive and thrive over the next decade,” Beelen adds.

The Resource Alliance, which curates the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in the Netherlands each October and other learning and leadership initiatives around the world, is based on a foundation of collaboration and shared knowledge to help nonprofits create transformational change internally and in those affected by their missions.

101fundraising has been the official blogging partner of the IFC for five years. The Resource Alliance is a “fantastic successor,” Beelen says, “because sharing fundraising knowledge is at the heart of their mission.

The new contact person at 101fundraising will be Meg Gardner, chief scribe at The Resource Alliance and former editor of FundRaising Success (now Nonprofit Pro) in the US. The original 101fundraising team’s last official post will be 22 December, and The Resource Alliance will take over 1 January, 2017.

There’s such a lovely synergy here,” Gardner says. “101 was built on the concept that fundraisers can reach and teach each other, and benefit from shared knowledge. The Resource Alliance’s new manifesto speaks of mobilising to make change happen, of minds meeting, ideas unleashing, thoughts converging, and power multiplying. This is a perfect fit.

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